My Lipstick Favs

If you’ve been following me for awhile, then you know I’m the crazy lipstick lady.  I take pride in my never ending lipstick collection, and I don’t see it slowing down anytime soon!  I’ve always been a huge fan of expressing myself in unique ways, one of which being makeup, and encouraging others to do the same.  I swear, every time without fail when I wear a fun color lip someone comments on how they lack the ability to “pull that off”.  Well, let me let you in on a little secret…if your hand can hold the applicator and brush it on your mouth, then you can wear any lip color your heart desires because you have the ability to 😉  For today’s post I thought I would share some of my lipstick favs.  By starting this post with the preface that some of these might be out of your comfort zone, I am encouraging you to try them anyway!  You never know which color could be your new fav!


Let’s start by easing in with my favorite nude colors.  My pro tip for finding the perfect nude, is referencing the natural undertones of your skin.  It’s important to look at the lightness of your skin, and the natural undertones you have to find the perfect nude shade for you.  For example, if you’e a fair skinned beauty like me then you want to be careful to not pick a color that will wash you out!  I never pick super light colors for that reason!  Also, I have cool undertones in my skin, so ill pick a color that compliments that (purples, mauves, pinks).  For my bronzed babes with warm tones, you’ll look best in oranges, golds, and peachy colors!  Bottom line is you don’t want your lipstick to assist your skin in looking dull and washed out, but instead accentuate your natural beauty!

My first favorite nude is the lip poudre (whatever that is…) in the color Rosewood by the brand Kokie, and they can be found at any drugstore!  You’ll come to quickly find that I love this brand–super affordable, great product, and their packaging is so cute!  Their lip poudre is a liquid matte powder, but don’t let the name confuse you because this baby goes on as a liquid, and it never really dries to a powder consistency! So, the name is incredibly misleading, but I still swear by this product!  Once you put it on your lips, it hardly budges! I’m talking meals, drinks, hours of mingling at parties, and still at the end of the night I can’t just wipe it off!  I have to use makeup remover!

My second nude gal that I’ll be chatting about goes by the name of Freida’s Nude, and its from a Loreal collection featuring some celebrity’s and nude colors they got to create!  This product is just a plain Jane lipstick, so some reapplying will be in your near future, but the sheen and pretty cool tones it offers makes it all worth it in my book!  I love this lipstick when I’m wanting a more everyday look, or as a compliment to a crazy eye look for a night out (two completely different spectrums, I know).  


One of my all time fav categories to shop for is the purple tones!  I had to be extremely picky when it came to narrowing down my options to talk about, because to be real I can do an entire post on just this category of lip color…I have so many.  Because I consider this blog a source of “light reading” I’ll just mention 3, but stay on the look out for my first novel coming out titled My Purple Lipstick Obsession.  Anyway, there really isn’t any secret on picking the best color in this category, just make sure you love it on, but I do have a tip when it comes to picking the brand.  You’ll find the exact same color of purple in tons of different lipstick tubes, but the consistency of the product is what you should be eyeing.  When it comes to any bold lip, the last thing you want is any bleeding or smearing!  Purple smeared across your face just isn’t the best every day look, and I think we can all agree on that.  I always gravitate towards liquid lipsticks from reliable brands with good online reviews, because that way I know the product will stay where I initially put it.

My first lipstick in the category, definitely is an accountable one on terms of staying in place!  I’ve raved about this baby tons of times in youtube videos before, but here I am again!  If you want a stay in place all day lip product for an affordable price (ummmmm, who doesnt??!) then check out the Super Stay Matte Ink line by Maybelline!  My fav color is Escapist, pictured below, but I’m still waiting for my chance to snag a Dreamer because every time I’ve been to Target they’ve been out of stock.

My next 2 shining stars are also from Maybelline, and they are just regular ole’ lipsticks in the colors Mauve It and Molten Bronze!  Mauve It is my favorite lipstick for everyday wear, and its been that way for awhile!  I haven’t found a daily lipstick quite as trusty as her!  Molten Bronze is a more recent find of mine, but one that I have found myself wearing constantly for when Michael and I go out at night!  It’s such a fun twist on a normal darker maroon color because it has shimmer in it (a trend that died for awhile, but has been resurfacing recently).  Molten Bronze is apart of Maybelline’s metallic collection, and if you’re looking for a funky little merlot color to add to your collection then I def recommend!


My personal favorite category, because I love pushing my “extra” limits!  Funky lipstick is my all time fav to wear because I always feel so different, and spontaneous!  These colors aren’t very common to see, so whenever I wear them they are icing on the cake to a badass outfit!  If you’ve never hopped out of your comfort zone, and tried an oddball lip color then I highly recommend it!

The first 2 are from similar families color wise, and are also both from Maybelline–as you can tell I get a ton of my lipstick from this brand! (tried and true!!)  The first one is called Smoked Silver, its from the metallic collection, and is exactly the color you picture when you hear the name.  It’s a purple-ish, dirty grey color with specks of shimmer to reflect light!  Its one of my favorite edgy neutrals to wear, and though reapplying does happen quite frequently, it’s too beautiful to leave out of my lipstick cycle!

Next is my other Maybelline extra, and its called Gunmetal!  The glitter in this baby is so fun to rock, and definitely brings some edge to any outfit you’re wearing!  To my surprise, when I first wore this lipstick it comes off as tinted green, but very subtle!  It’s still a super fun color to through on though, especially with a nude/neutral makeup look!

Last but CERTAINLY not least, the lipstick that I get the most comments, questions, compliments, etc. about is my Loreal Infallible Paint in the color Domineering Teal!  Seriously, one of my all time favorite “extra” lipsticks to wear, and makes me feel so fun and cool!  Way cooler than I really am honestly..  This lip paint dries on the lips, so you hardly have to reapply, and pairs perfectly with a warm tone eyeshadow look (I’m talking magentas and oranges) for something funky!  It does slightly dry your lips out, but nothing a little lip balm action can’t fix! Side note: this is the color I’m wearing in the feature image of this blog post!

That’s all I got for today’s post! I really hope you guys enjoyed reading, and might try some of the lipsticks I mentioned!  All of the options are affordable, from the drugstore, and tested/approved by yours truly!  Have a great rest of your week!