Super Foods You NEED + Why

If you’ve watched my most recent video (which if you haven’t then scurry on over and do so!) then you know I’ve been having a ton of GI and stomach problems.  I’ve always been quick to supplement my diet with the newest fad foods and powders, but after I started developing these issues thats when my curiosity with the benefits started to root itself even deeper. Below I’ve listed 4 of my favorite foods and powders/spices that I use to supplement my diet on a daily basis. I’ve thrown in some of my favorite benefits as well, but I encourage everyone to do their own research if this strikes curiosity!  There are millions of articles out there, so grab a little snack and prepare to dig deep!


So we’ve all heard of collagen, but if you haven’t then heres a little run down. Collagen is a protein and connective tissue component that supports the health of bones, muscles, internal organs and skin.  Unfortunately, the older we get the more our production of collagen declines in the body, and thus bringing us loose skin, more wrinkles, and brittle hair.  That’s why it’s important to add a little extra collagen back into the body in order to prevent those things!!  It helps boost skin elasticity, and helps with vision of stretch marks and cellulite through thickening the skin.  (it won’t take those things away, but it will hide them because your skin won’t be so thin!)  It’s highly exploited by the beauty industry, so I’m sure thats where most of you had heard of it!  I supplement with collagen through adding my Vital Protein Collagen Peptides to my morning cup of coffee!  It’s flavorless, mixes perfectly without any added grit, and also adds 9 grams of protein per scoop!  There’s tons of other ways to supplement collagen into your diet so just do your research, visit your local health food store, and when in doubt just buy some Vital Proteins;) I get mine at Whole Foods!

Chia Seeds

Crazy to think that a seed can do it all?? Well than call me crazy!  I could do an entire blog post on just chia seeds, and it would probably drag on for pages and pages, but I’ll go ahead and give you a surface level preview.  A huge benefit of chia, and the biggest reason I implement them into my diet, is for digestive health purposes.  Chia seeds are spiked with tons of fiber and antioxidants that are the toughest competitors when regulating your system and balancing your hormones (specifically insulin levels).  You hear a lot about insulin and blood sugar when it comes to diabetes, but having everything balanced, and learning the science behind our body + food relationship can actually help with fitness goals too!  Read more about how insulin affects exercise here!   If you’ve ever eaten chia seed pudding, or soaked some seeds in liquid then you’ll know that when submerged for awhile they absorb tons of water and take on a gelatinous composition.  This actually works as a prebiotic for the body, which supports the growth of natural probiotics, and can keep you fuller for longer because of the expansion in volume. Finally, let’s talk about how these magic seeds can benefit your heart health!  (see I told you I could talk forever about this)  To keep it short and sweet, they regulate cholesterol, lower blood pressure, and reverse inflammation!  Bottom line, you need to eat chia to be a happier healthier you 😉  My fav ways to add chia seeds into my diet are to use them for toast toppings or mix into my oats and smoothies!  No added taste whatsoever!

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Maca Powder

Now, onto something that you might not have heard of before–Maca!  Maca actually is a root, but I supplement using the powder form.  I get it at TJ Maxx for cheaper, but Im sure its also at any health food store.  The main reason I benefit from maca is the improvement in mental health, because of the ways it reduces anxiety and depression.  It has a delicious nutty flavor so I add it to all of my smoothies, but I’ve also added it to baking recipes too!  Other uses for maca is an increase in sex drive, and balancing your hormones.


The spice of life!  It took me awhile to truly indulge in the flavor, but now I just can’t get enough (which is odd because I hate Indian food, and thats one of their most used spices).  The main benefit of turmeric is based off the the fact that it contains curcumin!  The powder is an incredible anti-inflammatory, which is the top reason that it’s popularity has spiked in the last 5 years.  There are even tons of studies out there that compare the superfood to modern medicine!  As an anti-inflammatory it helps reduce any inflammation (obviously) which is a huge component in weakening the body and making it more susceptible to sickness.  Bottom line: it just makes you all around healthier!  Turmeric also treats gastrointestinal issues, eliminates irritation in the gut, detoxifies your body, and boosts metabolism!! Hello!! Why wouldn’t you be using this super food??! I apply turmeric to my veggies (especially sweet taters), and make golden milk at least once a week.  My fav golden milk recipe is listed below:)

If you make any of my recipes/use my tips then make sure to leave a comment down below!  I hope that y’all enjoyed a little educational post, and start implementing some of these into your daily routines!  If you need any more inspiration or recipes then let me know, and ill be sure to add some posts in the near future!  Don’t forget to check out my most recent video as well!  Click here!!

Thanks for reading!