Why Valentine’s Day is Overrated!

Let me preface this blog post with the fact that these opinions are coming from someone who isn’t single.  Y’all know Michael–my loving bf for 5.5 years now (hot damn, I still can’t believe we’ve been together that long).  This is our 6th Valentine’s Day together, so you can say we’re kind of experienced in the topic 😉  We’ve done the dinner dates, the cheesy gifts, eaten our body weight in heart shaped candies, etc.  Though it can be a fun holiday to participate in, unfortunately tons of people out there who don’t have a significant other at the time feel even worse on this day.  That right there is the reason I think it’s overrated, but let’s break this down a little bit.


The main point I wanted to get across with the post is this: Your self worth is NOT measured in the amount of candy hearts you receive! Let me take you back to little Cory time.  I remember being in grade school when we would have those Valentine’s parties where everyone would bring decorated shoe boxes, and tons of valentines with your fav animated characters on them.  All the kids would run to share with their friends what they received, hopefully to find an unwanted piece of chocolate out there to trade your disgusting candy hearts with… Cmon, no one likes those things, why are they even made??  I also remember comparing cards with my friends, and realizing that a boy I had a crush on drew a heart on my friend’s valentine, but not mine.  Oh how my little 8 year old heart was crushed!  I began trying to figure out why this happened? Why didn’t he think to draw a heart on mine?  Am I not as pretty as her?  I can tell you exactly where I was in my elementary school building when I started crying to one of my friends about how I wasn’t worth enough for him.  I was 8. EIGHT YEARS OLD!

The fact of the matter is that I wasn’t feeling childish feelings, but that those feelings start occurring when your young and continue into adulthood!

We’ve all felt less than, inadequate, and looked over.  Honestly, I have moments where I even feel that way with Michael sometimes, but I have to remind myself that I know with every inch of my body that Michael adores me.  No matter if he forgets to compliment my outfit, kiss me goodbye that day, or doesn’t draw a heart on my valentine, we are still head over heels in love with each other.  My self worth is NOT defined on what I own, what I’m given, or what I obtain through out my life.  It’s defined through my devotion to the Lord, how he loves me incredibly that he would cure me from all sin through the ultimate sacrifice of death, and that I strive to live loved each day!  Don’t let the materialistic world we live in validate your life, your beauty, your heart–especially when it comes down to whether or not your someone’s valentine.  What even is a Valentine?? Anyone know?  

I hope that you all have a fantastic February 14th, whether you are celebrating something or not!  Though I’m not the biggest Valentine’s Day advocate, I still support the marketing scheme!! I’ll be reclining in a movie theater seat, with some Russel Stover’s (aka the best valentine’s chocolate), some wine if I can sneak it in the building shhhh.., and my babe while we watch Fifty Shades. Anyone else??  They aren’t good movies, but since I read all the books I’m kind of required to go watch!  Final reminder that YOU ARE SO LOVED. And if you really need some affirmation then go buy yourself some damn chocolate!! (just don’t support the candy heart empire. they are satan.)

Thanks for reading!