outfit ideas for the most pointless holiday!

Hello to all my love birds and single pringles!! Happy Thursday and happy February 1st!! I can’t believe the first month of 2018 is already behind us.  With just two short weeks until the (in my opinion) dumbest holiday of the year, I was thinking what better thing to blog about then a little Valentine’s Day outfit inspiration!  Now don’t get me wrong, just because I don’t truly understand the point of the holiday, doesn’t mean I don’t take advantage of a chance to get all cute with my bf!  Last year I forced Michael to go see the Fifty Shades movie with me, and this year might be the same (sorry babe).  I mentioned on my Instagram the other day that I have been obsessing over everything red recently, which is so odd considering my hair color…  I’ve never been super comfortable with wearing red because I always thought I resembled a red crayon, but for some reason I’m feeling it right now.

I had so much fun styling this shoot, and Michael was the best #instagramboyfriend as always!  He’s so good at making sure I get all my angles, and there’s no lipstick on my teeth 😉  So, whether you’re hitting the town for a fun dinner date night, staying in for a snuggly movie, or celebrating with your best Galentines, I’ve got a little outfit inspo for you!

If you know me in real life than you know that I am in comfy clothes about 95% of the time.  I prioritize my sweats over my dresses any day, so my first outfit had to satisfy the comfy cute girl!  One of my fav trends this season is to pair a cute pullover with some stylish pants. It’s effortless, but also shows that you care enough to be trendy hahaha.  Cheers to Valentine’s Day!! A great day to justify popping a bottle of bubbly;)

outfit #1

I couldn’t find these pants anywhere online, so here is a link for some similar that are also on SALE!! Click Here!

outfit #2

This next outfit was my all time fav, and it screams vday vibes!! You’ll be seeing this pop up on my insta for awhile because I felt like a total babe in it, and it was the cutest pairing.  Just like the outfit above, I have been loving wearing fun pants.  I always go through these stages where all I want to buy is one article of clothing, and my recent shopping adventures have been totally fixated on what badass + unique pants I can find!

Shop the outfit with these links// SHIRT // PANTS only one pair left at RiffRaff, so here are some SIMILAR that I love // SIMILAR EARRINGS // GLASSES

outfit #3

This last outfit I’m calling “Ode to Crayola”, because here I am sporting all my red gear!  I am a HUGE supporter of monochromatic outfits just because I think they are so fun and different.  Y’all know I hate wearing boring outfits, so this concept is right up my alley!  We should all plan one day to dress monochromatically, everyone pick a different color, and then make this world a giant box a crayons!! Anyone with me??

I hope y’all enjoyed today’s post, and have a fantastic weekend! Keep on the look out for a new Youtube video to go live soon over a topic that I am SUPER PASSIONATE about and can’t wait to share!  Also, I’ve been thinking about selling some of my clothes in my closet, but didn’t know if anyone would be interested! Let me know!

Thanks for reading 🙂